Managed Services

Delivers a web-based support software that provides the tools, resources and industry best
practices to guide an efficient and profitable audiovisual technology service operation

Managed Services

Managed Audio Visual Services

Sales & Planning Checklist for Your Event


Enhance the Professionalism of Audiovisual Technology Services

AVaStar understands that technology for events and meetings is often planned and coordinated by staff with limited experience in this specialized area. AVaStar makes it easy to sell and plan technology and ensure Everything Works! With AVaStar you sell service - not stuff.

Grow Revenues and Improve Profitablity

Standard Operating Procedures and Industry Best Practices are built right into the software platform. You can’t manage what you don’t measure – and AVaStar measures everything: Revenues, Costs, Inventory Usage, Customers and Vendors; it’s all reportable out of the system so you have the information at your fingertips

Best practice to grow revenue for your event with audio-visual

Procedures and Best Practices

Inventory Management System for your audio-visual equipment


Responsible Asset Management Protects Investment

Technology can be expensive. Understanding the value, condition and availability of your technology equipment inventory can be difficult if you are tracking it with spreadsheets, whiteboards and sticky notes. AVaStar provides a complete Inventory Management System that includes barcode capabilities so that you can quickly and easily access and update records.

It's Your People that Create the Experience

Providing outstanding technology services only starts with the equipment, but it’s your people who will make that experience memorable. Whether your venue employs experienced technicians or provides services with non-technical staff AVaStar Academy provides KNOWHOW: WHEN AND WHERE YOU NEED IT®. On-line courses and quick tips videos on basic AV setup and troubleshooting in a format that is easy to understand and follow. 

Online traing and educational support for AV setup


Audio-Visual Maintnence & Service System


All Inventory Management in One Place

Keeping equipment and systems in great condition and perfect working order is critical to maximizing ROI. AVaStar allows the scheduling and tracking of preventative maintenance. And when a repair is required, the ticketing system tracks the process so that the asset is evaluated, repaired and returned to service as quickly as possible.

Software Doesn't Solve Everything

We’ve worked in venue operations. We know what it means to have technology challenges pop up when you least expect them – usually just before a meeting is scheduled to start. We are constantly improving and updating our support page to get you the solutions you need. And if you can’t find it there we have experts who can answer questions and help resolve challenges as quickly as possible.

Professional support for your AV setup


Vendor management service for your AV event

Vendor Management

Everyone Has Their Limits.

It isn’t practical to own everything, or to have highly technical staff on-site when most days you only need basic support. You need to rely on external resources to provide those advanced services to your customers, or to support you with extra equipment items that don’t make sense to invest in. AVaStar manages those relationships by providing a means to schedule when and where they are provided, and track revenues and costs to maintain profitability.

At Your Desk. On the Floor. Wherever You Need It.

Access AVaStar from any device, anytime, anywhere. It’s always at your fingertips

Desktop view of inventory management and AV system

Tablet view of inventory management and AV system

Mobile view of inventory management and AV system

Laptop view of inventory management and AV system

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