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Electro-Media Design, Ltd

Electro-Media Design, Ltd. was founded in 1990 by Jeff Loether, ISHC to provide AudioVisual consulting and design, with a mission of creating a supportive, cooperative environment in which talented professionals can grow, flourish, and express their creativity. Now an industry recognized leader, EMD offers a full range of AudioVisual systems design and acoustical consultation with expertise in audio, video, control, and related presentation, entertainment, and communications technologies.

Our practice has also expanded to include AudioVisual Operational and Management consulting to address the entire AV systems lifecycle. As independent consultants, EMD has provided consulting services for over 1,000 projects globally including hotels, conference and convention centers, spas and resorts, government facilities, corporate board rooms, theaters and auditoria, schools and electronic classrooms, training and meeting rooms, courtrooms, places of worship, restaurants and nightclubs, sports facilities and venues, and command and control centers.

EMD is committed to a philosophy of high-quality guest experience and operational efficiency. A focus on the user experience influences EMD’s design approach and is emphasized in the classes they teach, the articles they write, and in its overall consulting perspective. EMD believes that its first-hand experience in systems design and AV operations makes it unique among Audiovisual consultants. EMD does not sell, manufacture, or install equipment or systems. EMD is committed to a philosophy of client advocacy and technical excellence.

Client and operator satisfaction are our top priority. EMD’s focus on operations informs our design approach, our classes, our articles, and our overall consulting perspective. This approach has been developed over the years through extensive and ongoing dialogue with facility owners, system operators, and installation technicians. 

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